Undisputed Series

Our New Undisputed Series, designed by New York City artist and skateboarder Travroc, represents the fight in all of us.

Everyday we go pound for pound with life, and when we go out into the world, we step into the ring and face life's challenges. Whether those challenges are personal, mental, emotional, physical or all of the above, we go at it round after round because we either have to, need to, or want to.

We fight for the things that matter the most to us. We fight for what we stand for, we fight for our beliefs, we fight for purpose, we fight for the things we're passionate about and we fight to survive. Regardless of what it is, if it's important to us, we're going to fight for it. That clearly applies to Skateboarding. 

As skateboarders, we're constantly facing our apponent head on. Whether it's the trick, the spot, the security guard or the elements, but our toughest battles are mainly with ourselves. Fighting to achieve greatness for ourselves, and to be the best we can be individually at our craft. It's mind over matter and we have to be in the right condition for it all, so let's get ready to rumble through the streets on our new "Undisputed Series"