It's the Dawn Of A New Day in The World Of Tomorrow, and all of us at TORRO! are really excited with this very special offering.

Our TORRO! NYC x EL SENOR NEW YORK collaboration pays homage to founder Rodney Torres' roots in skateboarding, and to the birthplace of our brand.

"The Globe" at Flushing Meadows Corona Park is the most renowned & iconic skate spot in Queens New York, and skateboarders have traveled from all over the world to skate it. Now, thanks to El Senor, you can take the globe home with you. "Who's World Is This!? The World Is Yours!" Available Now!


Rodney Torres, originally from Queens NY, came up during the 90's era of classic New York City skateboarding. Appearing in numerous videos from the early 411 & Big Brother videos, to editorial pieces that spanned from full page photos & two page spreads, to Interviews and Ad features in all of the major skateboarding publications such as Thrasher Magazine, Slap Magazine, TransWorld Skateboarding, Big Brother etc.

Rodney was a fixture at legendary NYC spots like the Brooklyn Banks and Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and he's rode for various brands throughout his skateboarding career.

As an Amatuer, Rodney Torres, got picked up by professional skateboarding legend Felix Arguelles' company Rhythm Skateboards (1997 - 2001).

After his time at Rhythm, he joined an elite crew of East Coast power houses over at Infamous Skateboards (2001-2002). Rodney later turned pro for another legendary veteran pro skateboarder owned brand, Jason Rogers' Arcade Skateboards (2002-2003). Followed by home teams Official Skateboards (2004-2006), and Zoo York (2010 & 2011).

In 2012 Rodney Torres decided to start his own NYC based brand, TORRO! Skateboards (2012-Present). Bridging the time gap between two different eras of the Big Apple, while actively maintaining his professional status and dedicating his legacy to providing a positive platform that represents the past, present and future of New York City Skateboarding.


Leo Heinert, has come a long way in skateboarding. From first stepping into the scene and making noise when he was only ten years old, to filming video parts and winning contests in and around the Tri State area.

Leo has been a part of our movement since the very beginning, and in 2014 we introduced Heinert to the skateboarding world with his first official video part for our brand, TORRO! Skateboards. Followed by an ESPN Interview, and Transworld Skateboarding video part that dropped that same week.

After filming for a couple of years, putting out some solid video parts & editorial features, winning a bunch of local contest, placing in the top 10 in national contest, and a lot of demand. In the summer of 2017, on "Go Skateboarding Day", we gathered the New York City skateboarding community together to surprise, honor and elevate Leo Heinert to his well earned & deserved position in the Professional Skateboarding ranks. Leo Heinert Pro Model decks are Availble Now!


Dennis, is an athlete in every sense of the word. A true professional through and through. From his loyalty to our movement since the very beginning, plus his ability, creativity and style on a skateboard, to his personality, stature & over all demeanor. When you're around Dennis Miron, you know that you are in the presence of greatness.

We were all truly honored and extremely proud to have elevated Dennis Miron to the professional skateboarding ranks back in 2021, and now with his new TORRO! NYC Landmark Collection pro model deck. Available Now! 


Jhionn Moreno, is on the rise. He first popped up on our radar when he was just 14 years old. From that very moment, we could see that this kid has what it takes to make a name for himself and leave his mark in skateboarding.

He's young, hungry, and always gives it his all. Jhionn goes for it, charging through spots with power, determination and style. To this day, Jhionn Moreno is all in, he's all heart.


Benny Guerra, is a true New York City original. A real classic. Timeless. They don't make'em like this anymore.

Benny, has been around for decades. He's seen it all, and been through it all. From the early breakdancing, hip hop, grafitti and punk era, to hardcore shows and skateboarding, Benny Guerra, is the embodiment of NYC underground street culture from the 80's to today.

When it comes down to his style of skating, Benny is a soldier on the front lines ready to go to war, plowing through the spot like a tank on the battlefield. Consistently proving that age is nothing but a number, Benny Guerra continues to be a great inspiration for all of us to keep pushing ourselves to the limit, for as long as possible.